E S C A P E !

How to Play:
You're in a parking lot (a 16x12 grid) trying to escape from the weirdos and lunatics that would like nothing better than to play demolition derby with you. You'll get a little help from the trees in the lot, and occasionally the "intellectually challenged" opponents will run into trees or each other... As the levels go up, they get progressively smarter though. At each level, you're presented with a group of cars that have to be dealt with however possible. One thing to your main advantage is you're able to fire shots from the driver and passenger side windows, instead of driving. To get to the next level, you'll need to dispatch the opponent cars however you can -- running them into each other, running them into obstacles, or just shooting them if all else fails.

You're the red car, and unless you're blocked in a direction, can normally move 6 of the 8 adjacent squares to yours (you can't move directly left or right, but can go forward-left, forward-right, and backward-left, backward-right). To move, just click the square you want to move to, or to fire your weapons, click the square you're in. That's all there is to it!

Weekly High Scores:
All Time High Scores:
1Unknown Guest15850155Tue,Jun 24th 2008
215815656Sat,Jun 28th 2008
311922351Wed,Oct 13th 2010
411037250Tue,Jan 8th 2008
510182449Tue,Oct 12th 2010
69818648Mon,Oct 11th 2010
79507748Tue,Jul 1st 2008
89105647Mon,Nov 29th 2010
98763346Fri,Dec 15th 2006
108699846Sat,Dec 23rd 2006
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