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Sim-Business in it's simplest form -- A virtual Lemonade Stand! While originally being developed for youngsters to help stress good business practices, it seems pretty popular among the "kids at heart", as well.

You will control all aspects of your Lemonade Stand, from pricing, to quality control, to purchasing your necessary inventory, all while dealing with unpredictable weather, picky customers, and inventory wastes.

There's also detailed help for most of the screens, to help walk you through some of the decision making process. Good luck!

Got tips? Need tips? Be sure to stop by the 'Lemonade World' message board!

Once you've mastered the Lemonade Stand, you can try running your own country in Fiefdom next!

(Nobody has suggested a time for a planned group game)

Single Player:

Multi Player:
Classic Version:

Weekly High Scores:
1Unknown Guest$258.86Sun,Dec 6th 2009
2Unknown Guest$221.69Sun,Dec 6th 2009
3Unknown Guest$217.65Sun,Dec 6th 2009
4Unknown Guest$203.66Sun,Dec 6th 2009
5Unknown Guest$179.73Sun,Dec 6th 2009
6Unknown Guest$48.09Sun,Dec 6th 2009
7Unknown Guest$18.57Sun,Dec 6th 2009
8(Not set)$0.00Sun,Dec 6th 2009
9(Not set)$0.00Sun,Dec 6th 2009
10(Not set)$0.00Sun,Dec 6th 2009
All Time High Scores:
1Unknown Guest$759.37Wed,Aug 13th 2008
2Unknown Guest$652.57Thu,Jul 19th 2007
3$621.05Sun,Aug 24th 2008
4Unknown Guest$600.80Sun,May 27th 2007
5Unknown Guest$541.10Thu,Jul 31st 2008
6Unknown Guest$532.71Sat,Feb 2nd 2008
7Unknown Guest$524.48Mon,Aug 6th 2007
8Unknown Guest$523.18Thu,Nov 20th 2008
9Unknown Guest$518.62Wed,Sep 19th 2007
10$518.37Mon,Nov 13th 2006
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