If you're looking for high-speed thrills, you're in luck with 3d Driver! While this game had originally started as an experiment with Java optimizations, it quickly caught on, and caught the eye of many fans. The game itself is pretty simple; drive -- FAST! You're on a semi-scenic mountain road, so enjoy the curves, hills, and scenery -- At least, as much as you can at 150mph. Oh, and try to keep it on the road, and away from the other traffic!

Now includes 'Multiple Lives' & high scores! You begin with a total of 3 cars, and will gain an extra car at check points #15, 30, and 40. Make it to level 50 (The end point), and you're eligible for the High Scores list!

If you like 3d Driver, you may also enjoy Four Wheelin'!

Game Controls:
A - Gas
Z - Brakes
Left/Right Arrows - Steering

Weekly High Scores:
All-Time High Scores:
1Unknown Guest7:27Sat,May 16th 2009
2Unknown Guest7:32Wed,Jun 17th 2009
3Unknown Guest7:37Mon,May 14th 2012
4Unknown Guest7:42Sun,Jan 25th 2009
5Unknown Guest7:48Mon,Jan 26th 2009
6Unknown Guest7:52Wed,Mar 9th 2011
7Unknown Guest7:53Sat,Jan 31st 2009
8Unknown Guest7:54Mon,Jan 26th 2009
9Unknown Guest8:05Wed,Jan 28th 2009
10Unknown Guest8:05Fri,Aug 6th 2010
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