Four Browser Based Games to Check Out


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Browser Games vs PC Games


While originally touted as a boon to productivity, the modern PC has helped more people waste more time in more interesting ways than any device in history, with the possible exception of the Television. Everyone who owns or uses a PC has had their run with the ubiquitous Solitaire game, but the PC has much more to offer. The question now is, PC based games or Browser based games.

PC based games are games that, while they may interact with servers and other players on line, are largely installed on your PC. Browser based games, on the other hand, run completely within your web browser and do not require installing any components on your PC to play.

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The advantage in this aspect of game play will have to go to the installed games, which are generally coded in a language whose strengths match the requirements of the game. And while it may interact on line, the bulk of the images that you see are generated by your PC.

Browser games, on the other hand, must work within the world of the browser itself. While modern browsers are very powerful and flexible, they are designed primarily for delivering web content in a variety of formats. Active game play is not one of their core functions. As a result, browser based games have limited graphics capabilities and can often suffer from lag when your internet bandwidth is compromised.


Here is a category where on line games have an advantage over the PC based offerings. Since a PC based game is generally installed on one and only one PC, you can’t play it unless you are with the PC the game is installed on.

Browser games, on the other hand, are available wherever you have a PC with internet access. Once you log onto your account, your current game status and history is available to you, and any actions that you take or scores you rack up are reflected the next time you play.

Sure, if you use a notebook or netbook for your gaming, you can take most of your games with you wherever you go, but the browser based games still take the nod for world-wide accessibility.



This is a much more arbitrary category, as each game and game manufacturer has its own model for monetizing. However, as a rule, browser based games are cheaper initially than most installed games, which require an upfront purchase or a monthly subscription in order to activate the game.

Browser based games are often free, but that doesn’t mean that they are adverse to relieving you of your hard earned cash. While a lot of their revenues may come from advertising or deals with social networking sites, most browser games offer ways to enhance the play by ponying up some real world cash. A slightly more insidious way of making money, but if you have the will power, you can avoid these ‘pay as you go enhancements’ and stick to free play.


Here there is something of a tie. Many installed games allow you to play with and against other game users, forming a tight community of fellow gamers on the same platform. This has proven to be an effective community building model and works quite well.

However, many browser-based games are associated with existing social network sites, like Facebook, and can take advantage of an existing user base number in the hundreds of millions.

Bottom Line

For hard core head to head gaming, the PC based games have the edge, but for casual, accessible play with a built in community factor, browser based games take the win.

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