(If you like this game, you can get a copy for Windows in the Downloads Area!)
For those of you who have mastered Mah Jongg, here's a new Solitaire challenge -- Shisen! The object, as in most solitaires, is to remove the similar pieces. The layout is a single layer, spread 18 tiles wide by 8 tiles deep. The catch? You can only remove tiles that no other tiles are between, or that can be connected with a line of no more than two bends. If you're unsure of this, feel free to use the Beginner's mode -- Once you see it in action, you're sure to catch on quickly!

Several different tile types & markings, and different backgrounds are also available for added variety.

If you like Shisen, also be sure to check out MahJongg!

Beginners High Scores:
1Unknown Guest1:08Wed,Nov 21st 2007
2Unknown Guest1:14Sun,Dec 3rd 2006
31:20Wed,Jan 16th 2008
4Unknown Guest1:21Wed,Apr 16th 2008
5Unknown Guest1:37Mon,Dec 28th 2009
6Unknown Guest1:43Sun,Dec 3rd 2006
7Unknown Guest1:44Sun,Jul 19th 2009
8Unknown Guest1:46Tue,Jan 18th 2011
9Unknown Guest1:47Wed,Mar 14th 2012
10Unknown Guest1:48Mon,Feb 18th 2008
Expert High Scores:
1Unknown Guest1:10Mon,Oct 20th 2008
2Unknown Guest1:15Wed,Dec 24th 2008
3Unknown Guest1:15Thu,Aug 2nd 2012
4Unknown Guest1:16Fri,Sep 7th 2012
5Unknown Guest1:16Thu,Jan 8th 2009
6Unknown Guest1:24Sat,Feb 21st 2009
7Unknown Guest1:25Sat,Oct 10th 2009
8Unknown Guest1:29Thu,May 17th 2012
9Unknown Guest1:35Mon,May 9th 2011
10Unknown Guest1:37Mon,May 16th 2011
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