1. How will I know if the game is original or not?

Our games are guaranteed 100% original. If you want to test the game and its authenticity, you can check using the key code provided with the download in the email you get during transaction. If you are playing a game that supports online modes, you can enter the key there and check for yourself. If the server accepts the key, then it is original. If the key does not have an online mode, you can contact the supplier website and tell them your key. They will verify that it is the original product. 

  1. I play on a console, will the game run on my specific region model?

For games that run on console, there will be an option for region just before downloading. You need to select whatever region you reside in and click continue, it will ask you once again to confirm if the region you have selected is the right one. When the download will start, the particular game would be supporting the region that your console supports, so there is no need to worry about anything, as long as you select the correct region of course. 

  1. Will the blog be updated regularly?

We are a group of avid gamers, and so we feel that it is our duty to offer all the customers full information on all of the latest trends in gaming. Whenever there is a new game for launch, or if there is something going on in the world of gaming, then this is the blog that is going to report that to you first and foremost. If a game releases and is available for purchase and download, then within minutes you will also see the same game available for download on our servers as well. 

  1. I am worried about giving my transaction details

Our servers use the most secure encryption algorithms, so whenever you feel like you are being watched while inputting your credentials, think again, there is absolutely no way of any hacker even trying to tap into our systems, owing to the 3 layered firewall protection. If anyone tries to even access our website using the wrong methods, we will know immediately. 

  1. I wanted to download the product but now i want to cancel my download and have my money back, how to do that?

We are sorry, but there is no way we can help you with that. During the transaction, the server asks the user exactly three times during the process whether if the user wants to buy the product or not. If the user accepts the terms, then an email would be sent to the user and the download would start automatically, which means the transaction is completed and the item is sold. Once we have dispatched the product key, then we have no use for it. If the user does not want to keep the game, it is suggested that the user may give the game to a friend to play instead.