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Subject: Re: Frontal Vs. Guerrilla
By: Super Goku Champion8629
Posted: Mon,05/28/2007, 01:18:36 AM
In Response To: Frontal Vs. Guerrilla
By: jaredo
Posted: Sun,05/27/2007, 08:32:18 PM

I know I see a lot of people use Gerrilla attacks a lot, but in my experience the increase in land is minimal (ie. in contrast to the description in the game instructions). Does anyone else feel this way? Because right now I feel that the small increase in land is rarely worth the higher risk of even 1 defeat. Im guessing it might be too complicated, but would it even be possible to boil down the difference between the two in terms of actual percentages?

Ehh...I don't have the time, the tools, or the memory too do it as I haven't played in so long. But the general idea is, yes in the long run near the end game when you have huge planets and all techs researched, it is not that much a difference. But by then, size and morale plays a bigger factor, and the type of attack barely affects winning chances.

In the early game, guerilla gives you a dramatic increase in land, but has the biggest chance to fail just as siege in the early game is usually teh most successful but gives you the smallest land. In the end game, siege gives you almost as much land as the other two. However, the rate of growth in the early game will have a dramatic affect on the end game, as it effects how much and how fast you can grow, and 100 other factors.

Ultimately, it's what works for you. Many players like to use guerilla, but i don't use it right off the bat. I wait until i have 3 guerilla techs, because by then, my chances of winning are dramatically increased. If i lose an invasion in the beginning, i coudl be set back two turns....I remember i took this base military opening strategy from osubeavs or jex...I can't remember...and I built on it and changed it to fit my style. But it's your style. I believe I used to play against another very good player, possibly scenic, who used siege all the time...It's whatever you find best.

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