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Subject: Re: Dialup Users! Notice anything different?
By: Super Goku Champion8629
Posted: Wed,04/28/2004, 03:03:49 PM
In Response To: Dialup Users! Notice anything different?
By: GameMaster
Posted: Tue,04/27/2004, 10:58:16 PM

Dialup users,
Notice anything? The site should seem *significantly* faster now for those on dialup (aka *slow*) connections... I'm tinkering with an inline compression engine to drastically reduce the amount of data that has to be sent over your connection for page loads, so it should seem quite a bit faster. It's compressing all of the text to about 1/8 the original size (so the "framework" for pages, minus images etc, should be loading around 6-8 times faster).

If you're using a dialup, let me know if you've noticed any difference, any bugs, & any opinions. Thanks! :)
You're right! It does goes a lot faster! Thanks! I don't have too wait as long as I do now! Sweet! Thanks!

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