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Subject: Re: Farm Game
By: clarnet73
Posted: Tue,04/27/2004, 09:38:44 PM
In Response To: Farm Game
By: Super Goku Champion8629
Posted: Tue,04/27/2004, 05:52:24 PM

I have found a strategy or way to consistently or almost consistenly make a profit. When I do it this way, most of the time i will get a profit. It will get harder though the more years you play. But my strategy still works! COOL!

good for you! would you care to give the rest of us a few tips?

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Re: Farm Game, by moi10000 Tue,04/27/2004, 10:00:31 PM
Re: Farm Game, by clarnet73 Tue,04/27/2004, 10:01:54 PM

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