Recently Closed Realms:
Realm NameClosedWinnerAcresLordsRunning Time
GMs Happy Fun-Time Realm!2013-08-26 stabbyjack*** of Wiggins Willows2196378211D, 11H, 23M
Summer Nights2013-08-23 paintedfrog*** of Paint25125D, 12H, 0M
Simpletown2013-08-20 paintedfrog*** of Paint87347226D, 4H, 30M
Classica2013-08-20 paintedfrog*** of paint202125D, 11H, 24M
The last frontier2013-04-18 Shantypants*** of Shantytown18602428D, 7H, 8M
New Canadia2013-01-12 (NOBODY)*** of (NOWHERE)005D, 0H, 16M
GMs 40 acres2012-10-22 (NOBODY)*** of (NOWHERE)025D, 13H, 55M
GMs 40 acres2012-10-22 osubeavs of chssb3053945D, 14H, 11M
GMs 40 acres2012-10-21 (NOBODY)*** of (NOWHERE)025D, 0H, 57M
2012-10-21 (NOBODY)*** of (NOWHERE)005D, 0H, 16M