Fiefdom's Most Infamous Realms:
Realm NameClosedWinnerAcresLordsRunning Time
test2006-02-21 (NOBODY)*** of (NOWHERE)02756D, 5H, 6M
Vibrating eyes2004-07-19 clarnet73 of MusicWorld80513113D, 7H, 29M
small2004-10-23 spiked of spiked69941770D, 0H, 48M
Easy Realm : )2007-10-10 paintedfrog of paint6151189D, 2H, 45M
Vibrating eyes2004-12-05 spitfirey of CynSin9911069D, 18H, 17M
Vibrating eyes2007-12-23 paintedfrog of paint11882796D, 16H, 22M
What a joke2008-10-02 cleementine of Mirth2502879D, 4H, 45M
Easist Realm Ever!2007-06-05 paintedfrog of paint6214965D, 15H, 49M
Vibrating eyes2007-04-19 shaka of cavs172071151D, 1H, 43M
Vacation2006-08-27 glesjack of TimeOff825271246D, 17H, 8M