Fiefdom's Common Sense Rules

1.) Only 1 account allowed per player. You only need one account to play so only create one account. It is not possible to cheat with more than 1 account so don't do it. If anyone is found with more than 1 account then they will be banned - in some cases, permanently. For persistent offenders your whole service provider will be blocked. Decisions to ban are final and will not be withdrawn.

If more than 1 person plays on your computer, *OR* if you play from a public computer or from a shared network (school, work, library, etc), it is your duty to tell the moderators and explain your situation. If you fail to let the moderators know what's going on, and are later banned for suspected cheating, it's then too late to explain. Unless the Moderators are told otherwise, multiple users from the same remote address(es) will be assumed to be the same person attempting to use multiple accounts.

2.) Moderators decisions are final. While enforcing the rules of the game, the moderators shall make final determination of whether infractions have been committed, based on the data available at the time. Depending on the player's history, the caretakers may elect to give a warning regarding a matter, remove a player from a particular realm, remove them from all current realms, and if necessary, to permanently disbar the player from the game altogether, or to even drop access to all known addresses (including internet service proxies, school gateways, etc) of that player. The actions of the moderators is final, and not subject to any negotiation, discussion, or notification.

3.) This is a game. People come here to have fun. Do not spoil this by creating offensive or generally profane Fiefdom names or offensive realm names. This will be treated seriously. Vulgar language will not be tolerated anywhere on the site.

4.) Vulgar or threatening couriers or Private Messages will be treated with equal severity. No one deserves to be abused. Offenders will be banned.

5.) Fiefdom and it's associated utilities (including, but not limited to 'Ask/Tell a Moderator', 'LiveSupport' and associated 'Chat' facilities.) are a privilege and any abuse of these will result in appropriate disciplinary action.

6.) No tokens will be refunded for bad realm creation (i.e. unplayable realms.) If you do not vary too much from the defaults, you will be fine.

7.) If you share a computer with friends or relatives, please refrain from playing in the same realms. It is also important to remember that if you share a computer it is YOUR duty to inform the Moderators that this is the case. If you know of anyone else who may use the same computer as you, it is imperative that you inform the moderators now. A new script will be coming online by the end of Friday, 16th of January, and any accounts that have played on the same computers but do not have an appropriate explanation attached to them will be automatically, immeditately, and permanently suspended.

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