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Now, in order to pick up the product(s) you have just ordered, we simply need the LAST NAME and the EMAIL ADDRESS that was just used via PayPal for payment. Please be sure that it's spelled exactly the same as was entered via your PayPal order -- This is how the system re-locates your verified order via PayPal!

You should also keep in mind that if you've just made a purchase, the PayPal system can sometimes have a delay before sending the confirmation to 4WebGames. While this is normally no more than a few minutes, on rare occasions it has been known to take up to an hour. So if you've just placed an order, and the site reports that it's unable to locate your order, please try back in a few minutes.

If, for whatever reason, you run into any technical difficulties (With the ordering, pickup, or programs themselves), please don't hesitate to send an email to for further assistance. And once again, thanks for helping support the site!

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