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4WebGames.com is happy to provide content for your site!

  • Linking - The simplest way to add games to your site is to add a direct link to your favorite games on your site. For example, if you wanted to add "4 Wheelin'" to one of your pages, you could do this by simply adding a link similar to <A HREF='http://www.4webgames.com/fourwheeling/' TARGET='_new'>4 Wheelin' </A>, so that when anyone clicks the link, your favorite game will open in a new window.

  • Sales - Most of the 4WebGames original titles are available for sale on a non-exclusive basis. If you run a site, and would like to host your own copy of 4WebGames titles, you may purchase an unlimited usage license, and then host the title(s) on your site for as long as you wish, with no further obligations. The fees will vary, depending upon the type of site (Personal, non-profit, or commercially based), the title(s), and any other requirements you may have, such as source code requirements, etc. Contact web_sales@4webgames.com for further details.
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