4WebGames Premium Membership

Help the site via a subscription donation, and gain the benefits of Premium Membership! Let's face it -- Even though the site is totally free, it still costs money to operate it, and to develop all the new games for your entertainment. For those of you who don't mind sharing a bit of the burden, you'll be granted what's known as "Premium Membership" -- Which will give you extra odds and ends throughout the site. For example, there will be no more advertising anywhere on the site. For those of you who play Fiefdom, a free realm token every week, as well as access to Premium-only realms and an enhanced interface for gameplay (ie, instead of trying to calculate how much gold or grain, etc, you can simply click on hotlinks to allocate a percentage of the recommended - From 25% to 200%). For those who play Lemonade World, it enables the in-game chat feature so that you can talk live to your opponents.

We're sorry, but you'll first need to be signed in to a user account to have it upgraded to Premium access! Please use the 'Login' option of the menu bar above to sign in to your account.

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