While the world of hardcore PC gamers is alive and growing, most people who play games on their PC are simply looking for some light diversion and maybe a mild mental challenge to clear the cobwebs out of the attic, so to speak.

While playing games on PCs is a time honored tradition, it is not hard to get tired of Solitaire. For a little variety in your casual gaming, here are a few options to try.

Frogger Classic

A modern version of a classic old school game. Frogger was a staple of arcade and console games in the 80’s. The graphics are a bit tame, but the game itself is engaging and addictive.

Basically, your task is to help a hapless frog hop his way across a raging river filled with dangers, including hungry alligators. In order to make it across, the frog must hop onto floating objects such as logs and turtles, as this kind of frog cannot swim very well. Logs are a safe bet but not always available, and you need to hop to the next object before your log flows off screen. Turtles are also benign but have a tendency to submerge before you can make your next hop.

Alligators are also valid targets, provided you don’t land near their jaws.

A quick eye and good timing are required to make high score on this old school classic. Try Frogger Classic here.

Candy Crush Saga

Originally introduced as a Facebook based game in 2012, Candy Crush Saga became known one of the most addictive games of the 2010’s, and is now available in a stand-alone browser version.

Like a confectionery version of space invaders, the player must clear the candies from the screen by matching them, morphing them into other candy types, or creating candy bombs that explode and eliminate candies based on proximity, color or flavor.

A very popular phone based game, Candy Crush Saga translates nicely into the browser game format and provides both mental diversion and stimulation for hours of pleasant play.

Plants vs Zombies

Playing to the modern obsession with brain eating zombies, this game involves planting a garden of defensive and offensive plant life to defend your house against the oncoming zombie hordes. Each plant has a specific ability used to either gain power for other plants or defend a specific lane in your yard against advancing zombies. Some plants explode. Others, like the pea shooter shoot, explosives at the enemy. Some, like the walnut, are strictly defensive and are used to delay the enemy troops. Sunflowers are planted in safe locations to power up your defenses. Different zombies also have specific strengths and weaknesses that must be anticipated.

A game of strategy, once you have set up your defense, you just sit back and watch the battle unfold. The multiple levels and ever changing cast of zombies will provide hours of challenging conflicts and

Check out the online version of Plants vs Zombies.

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