Gone are the days when the only people who would regularly play games would be the hardcore gamers and those who own consoles such as Play Stations or Xbox. Today, because of the increasing hype of social media, as well as web based games, it has become increasingly easy for us to play all sorts of games, from strategy gaming to action packed adventures, social media games, such as Facebook games, have become a hub for gaming entertainment everywhere. Most of the public has sunk so much into online gaming apps, that they have literally changed how we live. Here are the impacts of some of the web based games on our lives.


Sitting on the couch all day doing nothing except playing online web games on our mobile phones has made us lazy and less productive. We feel that we do not need to do anything except play all day long. Some people are addicted to it for hours and do not move a muscle, except his fingers for pointing and tapping to the next upgrade on Kings Empire. Even people in the office sometimes start to play these games whenever they are free, or even sometimes when they are not.

Less social


Staring at a screen all day playing ridiculous amounts of levels on the same game for weeks has made us completely anti-social. Many of us do not come out for days, except for maybe food or drinks. We do not spend a lot of time with our families, even for a few minutes, but rather prefer to play level 241 on candy crush even if it takes them 3 hours to complete it. During any outing or a family trip, people still try to play the same game instead of having some quality time with their friends and family.


Some of the most popular web games have a small thing in common, they are extremely addictive. For example, a game called candy crush came out a few years ago, and what happened was that people became so addicted to the game that they spent huge amounts of money on in game lives, just so that they could play the game for a few more minutes. People would start to obsess over the game, and in many cases it was difficult for them to sleep at night without finishing the level that they were stuck in.


There may be many bad sides towards excessive games, but there is one thing that may be beneficial in some cases. It has made us extremely competitive. One thing about web games is that it is the player against the world, (mostly their friends), and we all try to surpass our friends no matter what, and be the best player around. Most of the times it has been a good thing, as it had increased competitive nature of the people. However, sometimes this has gone too far as well. There have been reporting of people being involved in serious brawls in real life over petty web gaming conflicts.

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