Computer memory is a precious thing. It is even better than human memory as we have this annoying tendency to forget things, and computers don’t. A lot of you love to play games, but don’t want to have to download a huge file in order to be able to enjoy a game that you can play again and again.

Browser-based games have always been around, but they have really improved over the last five years. We wanted to put together a list of the most enjoyable and popular games that you can play (and get addicted to) for free right after reading this article. Oh, you have some housework to do, or a project due in for tomorrow? Maybe you shouldn’t read on just yet…

Note: if you love simulation/RPG games, we have another article coming out dedicated solely to those, so go check it out!


Pandemic is a completely moreish game in which you have to try to infect the whole world with your disease. If a country sees the pandemic coming, they will shut their borders, so your strategic planning will be tested. You have to be a stealthy disease, an illness ninja, sneaking your way into the hearts and bodies of everyone in the world. Tell me that doesn’t sound amazing.


This is a totally awesome physics-based game, where your goal is to collect the stars and feed sweets to the adorable creature named Om Nom. You have to decide in which order to cut various ropes and when, taking into account any bubbles, fans or other objects that can deter your candy’s journey. Any game with a character called Om Nom is an immediate winner in our eyes!

Frog Fractions

Do not be put off by the fact that this has a mathematical term in the title – it is fun, we promise! Probably the simplest game on this list, the unbelievably huge fandom will tell you that it’s not a bad thing. You have to eat flies to stop them from eating the fruit (no math involved) and can buy upgrades for your frog. That’s it. The response to this since its launch in 2012 has been phenomenal.


A classic, as you can tell from the graphics. This is a game where the aim is to dig deep into the ground of Mars, collecting minerals and selling them to upgrade to a better drilling machine. There is really only one question: how low can you go?


Your challenge here is to survive. Launched in 2013 and shooting immediately to the top of all web game charts, this game is a sweet combination of the old seventies text-based games and the modern day gaming addiction. Unlike other survival games, this one is all about hunting, gathering, building and making resources, rather than just surviving various attacks (although there is some of that too).

There is a real variety available to you, whether you are looking for a highly strategic game or if you’re more of an idle gamer.

If you have reached the end of this article without going to play any of these, we assume you are saving them all up for the rest of the day. Enjoy!

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