Facebook over the years has become one of the most visited sites in history, and over a billion customers have access to the social hub and all its features. One of the many things that this social website has been known for is the numerous amounts of online gaming options.

Over the past decade, Facebook has produced some of the most popular games on the web, which have earned the reputation of being the best alternative to games installed on PC. Among those are some of the games that have remained popular for several years. Here are the top 5 games of Facebook that have been regarded as the most famous games in web history:

  1. Diamond Dash

You may have heard about the classic game of matching multiple bricks to gain points and destroy more bricks. Well, this Facebook game is not far away from that. Very beautifully set up, the game brings incredible graphics and multiple combos. The game levels are also timed to give a greater challenge. Multiple levels mean greater challenges, and beautiful music at the back has made this game a part of our top 5 list.

  1. Words with friends

Why not make scrabble into a game that can be played on a global scale? This remake of the classic version of scrabbles allows the users to play around 20 games of scrabble at one time, and with simple yet attractive graphic designs, it is surely one of the most addictive games on Facebook. One can either challenge their friends and family from across the room, or play with people from different countries around the globe!

  1. Texas Holdem poker

Once literally the most popular game on Facebook, Texas Holdem poker still holds the record of being the largest free to play poker game in the world. Developed by Zynga, the game remains one of the most played web based games on Facebook. The game however, does have a few ways it earns most of its revenue, which is through the optional in game purchases, including poker chips, cash, and gifts from the online store.

  1. Farmville

Another Facebook game that remained on top of the most popular web games for a fair while, Farmville introduces the player to a field which he owns and has to turn it into an agricultural enterprise. The game features experience, which increases as the user begins to expand his farm empire. The game also features in game purchases, but is mostly free to play. The users can compete with other players as well, mostly from the friends list. Its successor, Farmville 2, was also a huge hit, but was short lived as the game began to lose its audience gradually.


  1. Candy crush

A game that is literally the most addictive game on Facebook, or anywhere on the planet for that matter. If you haven’t had a candy crush request from one of your Facebook friends at least once in your life, then you either are not on Facebook or haven’t been using it for years. The game is based on making different types of candies by matching combos of simpler candies. The game has hundreds of levels, leaving people addicted to their mobile or pc screens for hours each day.

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