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Welcome to 4WebGames.com -- Official home to many original web based online games developed by GameMaster! We've got about anything you could want - Both single and multiplayer, persistant realtime online games that you can play over a period of weeks at a time, and even a WebTV friendly online gaming category! No downloads are necessary to enjoy our games; they play directly within a Java-enabled web browser. There's even Message Forums under the Community tab, to let you converse with your fellow gamers, high score systems for most of the original online games, and if you decide to create a user account for the site there's even private messaging (much like a mini-email system throughout the site!).

We've just created a new FaceBook page as well - be sure to stop in and become a fan! 4WebGames on FaceBook

Just to get you started off on the right foot, here's the "people's choice" from around the site - The online games that have received the most favorable ratings from you, our visitors, in the past 7 Days:

Shisen# 1: Shisen: (3 Recent Votes)
For those of you who have mastered Mah Jongg, here's a new Solitaire challenge -- Shisen! The object, as in most solitaires, is to remove the similar pieces.
MahJongg# 2: MahJongg: (2 Recent Votes)
Mah Jongg -- No longer a secret to the far east! Try you hand at the Solitaire version of this ancient oriental tile game, or learn to play using the Beginners Mode!
Lemonade Stand# 3: Lemonade Stand: (1 Recent Votes)
Sim-Business in it's simplest form -- A virtual Lemonade Stand! - New & Improved Version!
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